Game-Winning Performance

Pregnant Rihanna amazes audience with halftime show at Super Bowl LVII.


Rihanna and her background dancers perform at halftime of Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona.

Luis De Dios, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl LVII halftime show starring Rihanna was great. Rihanna was dressed in all red with a romper that seemed to show off her belly, and I began to wonder if she was pregnant again.

It was soon revealed that she was indeed pregnant with her second baby.

I think it was great that Rihanna was dancing with her baby in her stomach. Her dancing skills were amazing. She gave it her all while dancing on a floating platform while being pregnant. Rihanna truly shined bright like a diamond and showed a woman’s strength and ability to be a mother and follow her career.

The setting turned out great. By the looks of the platforms, I anticipated that there would be an intriguing show. Yes there were floating platforms. I was concerned about the safety of Rihanna and her baby, but she did great as she danced on the Super Smash Bros.-themed platforms.

As she settled down to the stage, Rihanna was so smooth with her side-to-side movements as she performed for the Super Bowl audience. She sounded rhythmic as she sang many of her songs, including “Run This Town,” “Umbrella,” “Diamonds,” “Work,” and “Only Girl (In the World).”

It was fitting that she sang her hit “Umbrella” while on the ground-level stage, with the other platforms floating above her like umbrellas. The setting for “Diamonds” was also fitting, as Rihanna’s stage floated her higher and she chanted the popular lyrics, “Like a diamond in the sky!”

During these two songs, the crowd seemed more active in response to Rihanna’s singing. During “Diamonds” in particular, more fans in the audience participated by flashing lights from their personal devices.

The backup dancers, dressed in all white, looked like marshmallows on a battleground. Meanwhile, the lights glistened and changed colors as Rihanna sang her myriad of hits.

Overall, Rihanna performed amazingly as she showed her capabilities to be a strong mother and a great artist at the same time. She reminded her audience that women can do it all.